Tanika Chakraborty  

Current Projects

Review of Existing Remuneration Structure of Field Supervisors and Existing Loan Recovery Mechanisms
(Co Investigator)
Funding from WBMDFC (2020)

Completed Projects

Courts, Networks and Start-ups : Institutions matter for small enterprise development in South Asia
(Principal Investigator)
Funding from IDRC, Canada (2014-2017)

A study on the interaction between the formal and informal institutions and its effect on entrepreneurship
(Principal Investigator)
Funding from ICSSR (2014-2015)

Decisions made under uncertainties and limited information by IIT Kanpur undergraduate students
(Co Investigator)
Funding from IIT Kanpur (2012-2015)

Gender and Employment in Central Asia
Funding from IZA and DFID (2013-2015)

Protective environment in schools
Funding from WIZMIN Management Consultants (For UNICEF and UP Ministry of Labor) (2013-2014)

Department of HSS, Economics, IIT Kanpur IIT Kanpur IIT Kanpur