Tanika Chakraborty  


"Economic Geography of Contagion: A Study on COVID-19 Outbreak in India"
2022; (with Anirban Mukherjee); Journal of Population Economics, 1-33

"Temporary International Migration, Shocks and Informal Insurance: Analysis using panel data"
2022; (with Manish Pandey); IZA Journal of Development and Migration, 13.1

"Formal Contract Enforcement and Entrepreneurial Success of the Marginalized"
2020; (with Reema Kumari, Sarani Saha & Anirban Mukherjee); [Book Chapter] Opportunities and Challenges in Development, 171-195, Springer

"School Feeding and Learning Achievement: Evidence from India's Midday Meal Program"
2019; (with Raji Jayaraman); Journal of Development Economics, 139, 249-265

"Beyond the average: Ethnic capital heterogeneity and intergenerational transmission of education"
2019; (with Simone Schueller & Klaus Zimmermann); Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization,163, 551-569

"Stigma of sexual violence and women's decision to work"
2018; (with Anirban Mukherjee, Swapnika Reddy Rachapalli & Sarani Saha); World Development, 103, 226-238

"Mother's autonomy and child's secondary schooling enrollment in Mexico"
2017; (with Prabal De); Review of Economics of the Household, 15(3), 1037-1053

"English language premium: Evidence from a policy experiment in India"
2016; (with Shilpi Kapur); Economics of Education Review, 50, 1-16

"Trade liberalization in a traditional society: implications for relative female survival"
2015; World Development, 74, 158-170

"Court-ship, kinship and business: a study on the interaction between the formal and the informal institutions and its effect on entrepreneurship"
2015; (with Anirban Mukherjee and Sarani Saha); IZA Journal of Labor & Development, 4.1, 1-21

"Transfer behavior in migrant sending communities"
2015; (with Bakhrom Mirkasimov & Susan Steiner); Journal of Comparative Economics, 43(3), 690-705

"Kinship Institutions and Sex Ratios in India"
2010; (with Sukkoo Kim); Demography, 47(4), 989-1012

Work in Progress

"Monetary Incentives for Journal Publications: Evidence from a Natural Experiment"
2023; (with Debashish Bhattacherjee)

"Impact of Public Insurance on Health Access and Outcomes - Evidence from India"
2023; (with Titir Bhattachrya and Prabal De)

"Caste, Courts and Business"
2022; (with Anirban Mukherjee, Sarani Saha and Divya Shukla); GLO DP No. 935; IZA WP No. 15037

"Women, Violence and Work: Threat of Sexual Violence and Women's Decision to Work"
2022; (with Nafisa Lohawala); GLO DP No. 1023

"Addiction, Debt and Moral Hazard: Evidence from Alcohol Prohibition Policies in India"
2022; (with Priya Rachel David)

"Loan Repayment Behaviour of Farmers: Analysing Indian Households"
2018; (with Aarti Gupta); IIMC WPS No. WPS-882

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